Alhambra Masonic Lodge no.322

The first preliminary meeting for the organization of the lodge was held in the parlor of the Alhambra hotel on Saturday evening, June 9 1894, with 22 Master Masons attending. Their memberships were scattered in various parts of the United States.

Brother Past Master James M. Reamer Officiated as Chairman of the meeting, with Brother Norval G. Felker acting as Secretary. After several other meetings, 12 of the 22 Master Masons petitioned the Grand Lodge for a dispensation authorizing them to organize a Masonic Lodge in Alhambra. on September 1, 1894, Grand Master Henry S. Orme granted them a dispensation to organize a Masonic lodge in the town of Alhambra after a recommendation had been made by Pasadena lodge #272 F. & A. M., then the only other Lodge in the District. The 12 Master Masons who became Charter Members were the only Masons present who could obtain permits as their Home Lodges were not closed for the summer.