• 1Stated Meeting

    Lodge Stated Meetings
    Held the 1st Monday of each month

          Dinner – 6:30pm to 7:30pm *
    Meeting – 7:30pm to Conclusion.

          If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at
  • 2Activities

    All in-person activities have completely resumed. Lodge is now in session on its regular schedule.
  • 3Hall Rentals

    Our Hall is available for rent. Please go to the Rentals Section of this website to send an inquiry and view Pictures of the Rental Hall.

          You can contact us to reserve your special day or request a tour by contacting our Hall Rental Coordinator Jesse Marquez

          at (626) 344-0517 or
  • 4Events

    Stay tuned for upcoming events brought to you by our lodge.


Brotherly Love

Cultivating a sense of unity, friendship, and compassion among our brethren. Treat one another with kindness and respect, irrespective of our backgrounds or differences. Open-mindedness and encourage dialogue and cooperation among brethren with varying viewpoints.


To provide assistance and support to those in need. Engage in charitable endeavors, both within the Masonic community and in the broader society. Encompassing acts of kindness, volunteerism, and service to alleviate suffering and promote well-being.


To seek honesty and integrity in all aspects of our lives. Be truthful, both in our words and actions, and to strive for self-awareness and moral correctness. The pursuit of self-improvement and the continuous quest for knowledge and wisdom.

Our Freedom

Our Freedom
Mansons value the liberties outlines in the U.S constitution and continually promote freedom of speech and expression,
freedom to worship a supreme being in an individual way, and other important liberties.

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